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How to choose a kitchen sink

Everything you need to know before buying a new sink. Get an overview of materials and different types of sinks.

How to choose a battery

Get to know all types of batteries, their functions and the materials from which they are made.

How to choose a dispenser

We recommend the detergent dispenser as a very popular accessory for sinks. There are several variants on the market.

News and trends

The garden becomes the "new" kitchen.
Kitchen trends for 2023
Black kitchen down to the last detail
Provence-style sinks and faucets
Technical sinks - practical and durable
We choose a corner sink
Large-capacity strainer for the sink, a replacement for the shredder?

Installation and maintenance

Sink installation
Outlets and siphons
Kitchen sink installation instructions
Instructions for use and maintenance of the dispenser
Maintenance of the sink faucet
Do you need to drill a hole in the sink?
15 types of kitchen sinks for every kitchen design
How to make minor repairs to granite sinks?
How to properly release clogged waste?
Caring for a granite sink
Care of ceramic sinks
How to remove white stains on the sink? Safe and easy?

All about kitchen sinks

Overview of used materials
About the material: Granite sinks
About the material: Composite sinks
About the material: Ceramic sinks
About the material: stainless steel sinks
Types of sinks single sink, double sink, corner...
Distribution of sinks according to assembly
Width of kitchen cabinets.
Sinks according to orientation.

All about kitchen faucets

Wall batteries
Stand batteries
Stands with shower
Filter battery
Collapsible batteries
About the material: Chrome batteries
About the material: Granite batteries
About the material: Ceramic batteries
Bronze, brass and nickel batteries

Get to know the brands on offer

Villeroy & Boch