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You will appreciate the EcoMaster shredders both in households and in catering establishments.

  • EcoMaster ECONOMY EVO3
    In stock

    The ideal shredder for a small household or in places where there is a non-standard and very limited space for installation.

    160,20 € vč. DPH
  • EcoMaster STANDARD EVO3
    In stock
    3-year warranty

    Grinder designed for regular households.

    176,28 € vč. DPH
  • EcoMaster II. JAKOST HEAVY DUTY Plus
    II. quality
    Warranty 4 years

    EXHIBITED/UNPACKED - more information in the description

    214,68 € vč. DPH
  • EcoMaster HEAVY DUTY Plus
    In stock
    Warranty 4 years

    Garbage disposal for demanding kitchens

    252,60 € vč. DPH
  • EcoMaster DELUXE EVO3
    In stock
    5 year warranty

    Waste shredder for the most demanding.

    397,08 € vč. DPH
  • EcoMaster LCD EVO3
    In stock
    5 year warranty

    The largest crushing chamber from the EcoMaster series and maximum noise reduction.

    553,68 € vč. DPH