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Grinder designed for regular households.

Drtič kuchyňského odpadu EcoMaster STANDARD EVO3



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About the product

It is suitable for all common households and where there is a lack of space under the sink. All its grinding components are made of stainless steel, it has sufficient power, and the motor is noise-insulated. Compared to the ECONOMY model, it has a more powerful motor.

Shredder of the new generation - EcoMaster EVO3

This crusher has already gone through its third series of innovations. It is equipped with a wider throat made of stainless steel. The packaging includes a stainless steel cap which, when the central button is pressed, transforms into a practical sieve. Compared to the previous generation, the crusher has even smaller dimensions, making it possible to place waste sorters in the sink cabinet. The power and maximum crushing speed have, of course, been preserved.

Antibacterial surface

The EcoMaster kitchen waste disposers are equipped with the antibacterial protection BIO GUARD. The material used to make the body of the disposer contains an antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of a wide range of microorganisms and effectively eliminates bacteria that cause odour. Thanks to the BIO GUARD technology, the use of EcoMaster disposers is highly hygienic.

Welt Servis Ltd. holds products and spare parts in stock and provides warranty and post-warranty service and professional installations for households and catering establishments throughout the Czech Republic.

Warning! The packaging does not include a hose and a push button for the disposal unit. This is due to different connection options of the disposal unit (e.g. rocker switch on the wall) or it may be necessary to simply replace the disposal unit with a new one. Thank you for your understanding.

Included in the package

  • Assembly instructions
  • Waste bend with additional inlet for overflow / dishwasher including flange and screws.
  • Removable silicone cuff
  • A plug made of high-quality stainless steel with a mesh function.

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Basic parameters
Model: EcoMaster STANDARD EVO3
Use: Innovative economic model designed for small households
Warranty: 3 years
Product TARIC code: 85098000
Technical parameters
Mounting method - installation: Hanging under the sink
Sink flange clamping system: 3-bold mount
Sink flange material: All-metal (stainless steel)
Housing material - case: ABS plastic
Surface finish - color: White lacquer finish
Boot system: Pressure air switch, button
Antibacterial protection: Plastic (Flanged Flange)
Size of the chamber: M
Grinding segments: Stainless steel, reinforced blades
Grinding ring: 38 circular holes, studs
Bearings: Bronze, self-lubricating
Protective cushion: Removable, silicone
Sink drain hole: Ø 9cm (3.5 ")
Maximum sink thickness: 20 mm (at mounting point)
Dishwasher / washing machine connection, sink overflow: Yes
Soundproofing: Overall motor - case covered
Average water consumption: 10 l / running 3x a day approx
Waste pipe diameter: min. 40 mm
Cuff material: Silicone
Electric specifications
Input voltage: AC 220-240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Performance: 3/4 HP (550 W)
Current consumption: 2.25 A
Motor type: Commutator DC
Engine speed: 2700 rpm
Torque: 1.8 Nm
Power cable: CEE plug 7/7
Power cord length: 140 cm
Engine power (W): 550
Dimensions, weight, packaging
Device weight: 5 kg
Device dimensions: 368x145x145 mm (h / w / d)
Packaging dimensions: 450x180x180 mm (h / w / d)
Packing method: Protective polybag, polystyrene cover, cardboard box
Width of the packaging: 18 cm
Height of the packaging: 45 cm
Depth of the packaging: 18 cm
Weight including packaging (kg): 5.8
Protective and security elements
Resettable thermal fuse: Yes, reset via fuse button
Short circuit protection: Yes
Interference filter: Yes, it meets EMC-electromagnetic standards. compatibility
Electricity class protection: I. (protective conductor)

Praktická ukázka použití drtiče youtube

Podívejte se, jak si drtič ECO MASTER poradí s bramborami, vaječnými skořápkami, starým pečivem, slupkami od pomerančů a dalším organickým odpadem z kuchyně.


Pohled do komory drtiče youtube

Uvnitř drtící komory se nacházejí drtící segmenty které odrážejí organický odpad na ozubený prstenec. Podívejte se z blízka jak to vypadá.


Montáž drtiče youtube

Namontovat drtič není nic složitého. Podívejte se na zrychlený záznam práce našeho technika.

  • EcoMaster ECONOMY EVO3
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    Ideal grinder for small households or in places where space for installation is non-standard and very limited.

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    EXHIBITED/UNPACKED - more information in the description

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