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Insert DONNER VODNÍ GAC10-C Filters

(active carbon cartridge granulate)



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About the product

The Donner GAC10-C carbon filter cartridge is a high-quality universal filter cartridge that meets strict standards.

The Donner GAC10-C carbon filter insert is used to filter chlorine, its compounds and other harmful organic substances from water. Activated carbon can also remove the so-called trihalomethanes "THMs" from water, which are formed during the reaction of chlorine with microorganisms and are highly carcinogenic. The carbon filter insert rids the water of other organic substances such as bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, drug residues and phenols. In addition, it significantly improves the unpleasant taste and smell of water.

The advantage of the Donner GAC10-C filter carbon insert is its compatibility with most reverse osmosis and filter devices.

Donner GAC10-C filter cartridge key features

  • quality certified filter insert
  • active carbon cartridge granulate
  • made from coconut shells
  • compatible with most reverse osmosis and filtration devices
  • removes chlorine, organic compounds and suspensions from water
  • disinfects water
  • does not affect water hardness
  • carbon as a natural product
  • removes organic and inorganic impurities
  • removes unpleasant taste and odor from water
  • regular replacement approximately every 6 months

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Basic parameters
Filtering properties: Aqueous
Content of the package (pcs): 1
Service life: about 6 months
Material: activated carbon
Intended for: most reverse osmosis and filtration devices
Warranty: 2
HS code: 42121
Packaging dimensions
Width of the packaging (cm): 25
Height of packaging (cm): 38
Depth of packaging (cm): 10
Weight including packaging (kg): 0.378
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