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Soap dispenser DONNER WHEEL (B4) suitable for the so-called retro style

Dispenser for detergent, liquid soap, or gel disinfectant. Color design - bronze.





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About the product

The Donner Wheel (B4) dispenser is a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom. Thanks to the concealed container of the dispenser, it doesn't take up any unnecessary space. The dispenser can be filled with a wide range of products according to your preferences.

For kitchen and bathroom

In the kitchen, it serves as a jar dispenser. In the bathroom, it is used as a liquid soap dispenser. In public washrooms, they can be used as gel or disinfectant dispensers.

Universal use

The dispenser can be filled with a wide range of different preparations (cleaning agents, soaps, shower gels, body and facial cosmetics...).

Easy fulfillment

To fill, simply pull out the tap and pour in the content through the opening. It is not necessary to unscrew the dispenser.

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General parameters
Color and material of the tank: white milk plastic
The volume of the tank: 470 ml
Dispenser type: Built-in dispensers
For a hole with a diameter.: 25-35 mm
Product code TARIC: 84132000
Warranty: 2
Dimensions of the dosing device (cm)
Total height of the dispenser: 32
The length of the pump: 11,5
Thread screw length: 7
Bottle height: 18.3
The average bottle size: 6.2
Dimensions of the dispenser packaging (cm)
Width of the packaging: 11
Weight including packaging (kg): I'm sorry, but your request is not clear. Could you please provide a sentence in Czech that you would like me to translate into English?
Height of the packaging: 33
Depth of the packaging: 7
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