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The design stool for laundry not only offers a storage space for laundry, but also serves as a seat. The sides of the laundry box are ventilated.



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About the product

Under the auspices of the SEE holding, Franz Joseph Schütte Gmbh produces high-quality batteries, showers, and sanitary supplies together with its sister companies Kirchhof, Eisl, Eyckhaus, and Wasserwerk. Quality products at a reasonable price.

The bamboo furniture from Schütte company is characterized by high quality and timeless design. Bamboo laundry basket with a seat is not only practical, but above all, it has a stylish design. The laundry basket, which will definitely attract attention, offers not only the function of collecting laundry but also the possibility of sitting. The sides are finished with open panels, which ensure ventilation of the laundry box.

Bamboo furniture creates a warm and cozy impression, the bathroom will feel more inviting. The cupboard will also look great in other rooms, such as the hallway or living room.

The tall cabinet is made of high-quality bamboo wood. It is characterized by long durability and resistance to moisture. Bamboo material is highly resistant, especially in demanding bathroom environments.

Bamboo furniture has 5 key advantages:

  • Bamboo is a fast-growing plant, easily sustainable and renewable. With its characteristics, it is destined for moist spaces.
  • Bamboo is easily maintained - for cleaning, you can use a damp cloth or occasionally just wipe the furniture with a bit of olive oil. This will prevent drying out and give the furniture a natural shine.
  • Every piece of furniture is original - bamboo represents uniqueness.
  • Bamboo brings nature into your bathroom - bamboo provides your bathroom with a natural look. With ease, you can create an exotic wellness oasis in your bathroom for your personal relaxation and rest.
  • Bamboo as a versatile yet underestimated material - people in Asia have been using bamboo for thousands of years. Its rapid growth and special properties make bamboo a lightweight and versatile building material.

Key features of the Schütte Bamboo laundry basket with a seat cushion (BMBA02-WKBH)

  • design a function in one
  • sustainability
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple assembly
  • dimensions ( W x H x D ) approximately 39 x 52.5 x 39 cm
  • seat height 5 cm
  • maximum load capacity 100 kg

Note: delivered in disassembled (in a dismantled) state.

Included in the package

  • Assembly instructions

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Basic parameters
Warranty: 2
Material: Bamboo
Depth (cm): 39
Width (cm): 39
Height (cm): 52.5
Weight (kg): 6.25
Dimensions of the packaging (cm)
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Depth of the packaging: 18
Height of the packaging: 41
Weight including packaging (kg): 7