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Corner ceramic sink. VILLEROY & BOCH SOLO CORNER 1075.20R Color: white ceramics

Ceramic corner sink, for a cabinet with minimum dimensions of 90 cm. Basin depth 18.5 cm.

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About the product

The European premium brand Villeroy & Boch has its origins dating back to 1748. With its products, it is represented in over 125 countries worldwide. Villeroy & Boch is an innovative company with a long tradition - it is one of the most important brands in Germany, Europe, and the world. As a ceramics manufacturer, it has evolved into an international lifestyle brand.

The new addition to the market is the corner ceramic sink Villeroy & Boch Solo Corner 1075.20R with a wide range of functions - also an ideal choice for smaller kitchens. Primarily designed for individual solutions, the sink represents versatility and practicality with four functional areas. It is suitable for a wide range of interiors, not only urban modern styles but also rustic kitchen styles.

Every kitchen unit, every kitchen corner has corners and edges. The world-renowned designers of Villeroy & Boch are well aware of this. That is why they have introduced the corner sink Solo Corner 1075.20R to the market, which represents a new angle on sophistication. The sink presents a perfect solution for avoiding wasted space in corners and creating maximum workspace in the kitchen.

The Villeroy & Boch Solo Corner 1075.20R sink model offers several advantages. The sink has a main spacious and deep compartment where you can comfortably wash large pots and baking sheets. Additionally, the sink offers a smaller basin that can be used, for example, for defrosting meat or rinsing fruits and vegetables. The sink also includes a drainer, providing space for drying dishes. The water simply drains back into the sink. At the back of the sink, there is a small round basin with a plastic sieve, for example, for dish sponges or drying small items. The sink is therefore highly functional and practical.

The advantage of a ceramic sink is its easy maintenance, color stability. Neither long-term exposure to sunlight nor even aggressive materials will change the color or surface of the sink. The kitchen sink Solo Corner 1075.20R is made of very high-quality ceramics, making it highly resistant to heat and cold, and even household acids do not leave any traces.

In addition, the Ceramic Plus surface finish ensures excellent hygiene and easy cleaning. Benefits that you will appreciate in your everyday kitchen tasks. The time spent in the kitchen will thus become a real pleasure.

Key features of the VILLEROY & BOCH SOLO CORNER 1075.20R kitchen sink ( Solo Corner sink 670801 )

  • white ceramic corner sink
  • Solo Corner 1075.20R has an extended warranty of 5 years.
  • ideal choice not only for modern interiors, but also for rustic kitchen styles
  • the sink has a main chamber, a smaller second basin, a drainer and a small basin with a sieve - maximally functional and practical
  • sufficiently deep sink chamber 18.5 cm
  • The sink is intended for top mounting.
  • Original and luxurious design
  • high-quality ceramic sink made from 100% natural materials
  • traditional craftsmanship, supported by 270 years of ceramic experience
  • thanks to Ceramic Plus, the sink is easy to maintain cleanliness

A ceramic sink is fired in kilns and the glaze is applied by hand, making each piece unique. It is necessary to take into account a tolerance of +/- 1-1.5 cm in dimensions. We recommend having the sink physically available for the realization of the kitchen counter.

Included in the package

  • Sifon
  • Release.
  • Robbery
  • Plastic net/dish.

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Basic parameters
Sink type: Sink with a bowl and a drip tray
Sink shape: Corner
Orientation: Without orientation
Sink material: Ceramics
Width of the kitchen cabinet: 90 cm
Sink mounting type: Upper
Sink style: Rustic / Retro sinks
Drain the sink.: 9 cm
Product TARIC code: 69101000
Eccentric control of the drain: No
Pre-drilled hole for: Battery
Possibility to drill another hole: Yes
Warranty: 5
Dimensions of the main tray (cm)
Width of the basin: 35
The length of the bathtub: Unfortunately, the sentence you provided does not seem to be a valid sentence in Czech. Could you please provide a correct sentence for translation?
Depth of the bathtub: 18.5
Minimum width of the cabinet: 90
Round sink: No
Sink dimensions (cm)
Width of the sink: 60
Sink length: 107.5
Sink depth: Sorry, but I can't assist with your request to translate a sentence from Czech to English without any context or sentence provided. Could you please provide a sentence for translation?
Sink weight (kg): 30.17
Dimensions of the sink package (cm)
Width of the packaging: 71.5
Height of the packaging: 26
Depth of the packaging: 118
Weight including packaging (kg): 32.5
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The Luxembourg manufacturer of ceramic products, Villeroy & Boch, has been producing ceramics for over 260 years. Over that time, Villeroy & Boch has gained worldwide popularity. You can find the ceramic dining set from this manufacturer on many tables in upscale restaurants.

Villeroy & Boch ceramic sinks

Ceramics have been used by people for millennia. Villeroy & Boch ceramic sinks will impress you with their hygiene, robustness, and scratch resistance. If you are looking for a traditional manufacturer, you won't find anyone with a longer tradition.

Properties of Villeroy & Boch ceramic sinks


Ceramic is highly resistant to impacts and scratches. Even with everyday use, a ceramic sink will always look brand new.


Cleaning Villeroy & Boch sinks doesn't take much effort or time. Stains can be easily removed using commonly available kitchen cleaners. If you want to clean the ceramic sink thoroughly, you can use the original ceramic sink cleaner. Since ceramic sinks are used in laboratories around the world, it is impossible for you to damage them during cleaning.


Ceramic sinks are heat and frost resistant. Hot pots and pans can be safely placed directly in the sink or on the draining board. Ceramic sinks are designed to withstand heavy impacts from objects such as pots and pans.

Hygiene and its impact on food.

Ceramics are chemically stable and completely safe for contact with food. In the Villeroy & Boch sink, you can wash sensitive foods such as asparagus and other foods that are sensitive to contact with metals without any worries.

History of the company Villeroy & Boch

Ceramics is a very traditional material, as is the manufacturer Villeroy & Boch. François Boch began producing ceramics over 260 years ago. Thanks to his professional skill and business talent, Boch's ceramics became famous throughout Europe. His successor, Pierre-Joseph Boch, developed a new composition of ceramics (calcite ceramics) that could replace the previously very popular and expensive porcelain. In 1836, he joined forces with competitor Nicolas Villeroy and they began doing business together. Thanks to their shared know-how and the use of modern technologies for their time, Villeroy & Boch became globally renowned. Success in ceramics was not enough, and the company soon opened its own glassworks. Villeroy & Boch collaborated with leading artists and received prestigious commissions one after another.

Villeroy & Boch and ecology

Villeroy & Boch focuses on optimizing its manufacturing processes, so that it consumes as little energy as possible during the production of its sinks and other ceramics. Villeroy & Boch also adheres to several strict environmental standards such as EMAS and ISO 14001. In 2000, XYZ created the largest ceramic mosaic in the world. Anyone could have their name inscribed in this mosaic for 100 euros. The proceeds from this competition were then used for various environmental projects.